THE HERITAGE POST logo cast in brass, soldered to the zippo and finished with a rough green/blue patina. Each Zippo is a handmade unique piece and therefore always unique.


`The Heritage Post`, the quarterly reading by publisher and designer Uwe van Afferden, has consistently developed into the leading magazine for men's culture since the first issue. What a bench. A bench with hand-carved tags, signs of wear and tear, and the mark of a work piece for eternity.

Yes, I am delighted to be asked to build the THP Zippo. You know, the last step, the patination, is still a fascinating work step for me as well, which makes every Zippo unique with a healthy portion of chance. That is why each THP Zippo has a consecutive serial number stamped on the back. You can't see it? Make an effort, use the Zippo, give it your personal characteristic and after a while your serial number will slowly show through wear of the patina!


Note: The characteristics of the patina is slightly different on every Zippo, so it will never be the same as on the photos. However, all zippos of a motif from the "Collab/Brands" collection tend to be patinated in the same look.


For immediate use 1 bottle of original Zippo petrol and 1 blister of replacement flints is included.

The Heritage Post

  • Product: Original Zippo, refined by hartaufhart


    Material: Each Zippo is made of brass (production in Bradford, USA) and is finished by me according to the motif.


    Finishing: Each Zippo is unique, one of a kind, none will ever be the same as the other, because each lighter is handcrafted and individually patinated. For lighters with a motif, the motif is cast in bronze/brass, hard-soldered and then patinated, depending on the look. The looks of the different patinations are of course similar from motif to motif. For this purpose I use well-tried patination techniques from the art of sculpture, but also specially devised procedures to create new, extraordinary looks. Depending on the look, the insert remains original brass-plated or is copper-plated very thinly by me.

  • All product photos of this Zippo are sample images. The Zippo has a green/blueish patina, possibly with a slightly black patina, but nevertheless each Zippo looks a little different (different patina and feel).

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