The legend among the lighters, seen in countless films and heard above all.


The typical click of the lid when it is opened, the cracking sound of the flint when it makes the petrol soaked fuse go up in flames, the rich click when the cap closes and sends the flame inside to sleep.


Legendary is also the guy behind THE SALTY VOODOO:


THE SALTY VOODOO logo cast in brass, soldered to the zippo and finished with a rough black patina.


Each Zippo is a handmade unique piece and therefore always unique.


Note: The characteristic of the patina is slightly different with every Zippo, so it will never be the same as on the photos. However, all Zippos from the "Collab/Brands" collection tend to be black patinated, sometimes with a slightly greenish patina.


For immediate use, 1 bottle of original Zippo petrol and 1 blister of replacement flints is also included.

The Salty Voodoo

VAT Included |
  • Accessories: A hand-sewn leather case (robust saddler's stitching) made of high-quality, vegetable-tanned cowhide of European origin offers the perfect protection for the Zippo. I produce the leather cases always collected in small quantities, each batch looks different in colour. Let yourself be surprised what kind of look you will get!

    Also included is 1 bottle of Zippo fuel and 1 blister of replacement flints.


    Product: Original Zippo storm lighter, refined by hartaufhart.


    Material: Each Zippo is made of brass ex works (production in Bradford, USA) and refined by me according to the motif.


    Finishing: Each Zippo is unique, one of a kind, no two will ever be the same, as each lighter is hand finished and individually patinated. The design application is cast from brass, hard soldered onto the brass Zippo and then patinated. The looks of the different patinas are similar from design to design, but no two Zippos look the same. For this purpose, I use tried and tested patination techniques from the art of sculpture, but also specially devised processes to create new, unusual looks. The insert is made of brass-plated steel and forms a high-gloss, elegant contrast to the patinated Zippo casing.

  • All product photos of this Zippo are sample images. The Zippo tends to have a black patina, possibly with a slightly greenish patina, but nevertheless each Zippo looks a little different (different patina and feel).