In Germany, we have three different words for "the", one is "die" for female nouns, one is "der" for male nouns and one is "das" for neutral nouns. The lion king is in German language "Der Löwenkönig". This Zippo lighter is called "Das Löwenkönig" anyway. The structure of my article descriptions makes it necessary to begin in always the same way. So in this case, it is "Das Löwenkönig" (neutral) instead of "Der Löwenkönig" (male). But let us now get down to the motif: King of animals is how the lion is generally called. Give me one example for an animal which is more illustrious than a lion with its mane.
Each Zippo has an individual patina and comes in a beautiful, handmade leather case! For immediate use, 1 bottle of Original Zippo Gasoline and 1 Blister Replacement Flintstones is included.

LION KING - 19/91 (coppered)

  • Product: An original Zippo lighter, refined by hartaufhart.

    Material: Every Zippo is made from brass (Production in Bradford, USA) and refined by my hand.

    Refinement: Every Zipp is an individual. There will never be one similiar to another as every lighter is designed by hand. Motifs will be casted by hand, soldered and patinated in the end, depending on the look. The looks of the different patinations of course are somehow related to each other. I am working with old techniques from the stone cutting employment as well as I am trying out new things to create new, exceptional looks. Depending on the look, the insert stays brassplated on the original or will be coppered thinly by me.

    Packaging: A handmade case made of high-quality, vegetable-tanned leather (German production) provides the perfect protection for the Zippo. Analogous to the Zippo, the case becomes more and more beautiful through use over the years.

  • All pictures of this Zippo are original pictures and show exactly the lighter that you get. These are no example pictures.

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