KINGS & BASTARDS logo cast in brass, soldered to the zippo and finished with a rough black patina. Each Zippo is a handmade unique piece and therefore always unique.


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"Leinfelden/Echterdingen. Airplanes and Filderkraut I had immediately in my head. Many years ago I lived for a short time on the Filder near Stuttgart.


That's where Uwe 2012 opened his almost legendary store Kings & Bastards, a corner store with customer parking and a roof for dry bikes.


Uwe is a straight guy with clear ideas and you can see that not only in his assortment. You won't find anything he won't wear himself, here the passion for straight style is not only sold, it is's just fun to talk with Uwe about clothes and fine accessories. And this is exactly what his customers love and appreciate about him. Come in and look around without any pressure...his customers come to him purposefully, hardly anyone gets lost in his store by chance.


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Note: The characteristic of the patina is slightly different with every Zippo, so it will never be the same as on the photos. However, all Zippos from the "Collab/Brands" collection tend to be black patinated, sometimes with a slightly greenish patina.


For immediate use 1 bottle of original Zippo petrol and 1 blister of replacement flints is included.

Kings & Bastards

  • Product: Original Zippo, refined by hartaufhart


    Material: Each Zippo is made of brass ex works (production in Bradford, USA) and is finished by me according to the motif.


    Refinement: Each Zippo is unique, one of a kind, none will ever be the same as the other, as each lighter is handcrafted and individually patinated. For lighters with a motif, the motif is cast in bronze/brass, hard-soldered and then patinated, depending on the look. The looks of the different patinations are of course similar from motif to motif. For this purpose I use well-tried patination techniques from the art of sculpture, but also specially devised procedures to create new, extraordinary looks. Depending on the look, the insert remains original brass-plated or is copper-plated very thinly.

  • All product photos of this Zippo are sample images. The Zippo tends to have a black patina, possibly with a slightly greenish patina, but nevertheless each Zippo looks a little different (different patina and feel).



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