You want to give away a Zippo, but can't decide which one will please the lucky one? Of course, you can simply order several Zippos and send the losers back. But the environment doesn't like that, taht only makes work.


Vouchers are uncool, I know. But in this case it really makes sense! Especially since the voucher also looks pretty and is sent to you in printable quality by e-mail.


Giving makes happy!

VOUCHER for 1 Zippo

VAT Included |
  • When purchasing this voucher, an individual voucher code will be created and sent by e-mail. Since this does not happen automatically, please be patient if the email does not arrive immediately.


    The value of the voucher is 179,-


    This covers all costs including shipping for 1 Zippo.


    If you would like a printed voucher (DIN A5 high quality print on 250g paper) alternatively sent by post, you can choose this in the product options.